Sony Ericsson Rachael UI Video Released

kanye-se-rachel-uiA video of the Sony Ericsson Rachael UI was uploaded to Youtube recently showing off the new mediascape menu system for organising music, video and images. It appears that Sony Ericsson are working on their own Android media interface as the current Android one is a tad boring in my opinion.

It is currently believed that Rachael is the new Sony Ericsson X10 that will probably be announced on the 3rd November in just a few days time. Hopefully when the phone gets officially announced we can get a full look at what SE have done with Android and how much of it has been customised.

The video over on Youtube indicates that the phone will run at a decent resolution of 480 x 854 pixels making Sony Ericsson’s first Android phone a potential hit as it also is rumoured to run a 1GHz snapdragon processor.

Below is a video of the Rachael UI and below that is a teaser video of the X10 hardware which was also spotted on Youtube recently.


Via: Engadget

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