Orange Reveal iPhone Pricing in the UK

orange_uk_iphone_3gsWe recently revealed that Orange were to start selling the Apple [AAPL] iPhone on November 10 that would see O2’s exclusivity end on the high priced device. Up until now we had no idea what Orange would charge with some suggesting pricing would be kept about the same but with extra’s thrown in like better plans, cases and Bluetooth headsets. Official pricing has now been revealed that will see the iPhone 3GS being available for free on a 24 month contract at £45/month. Alternatively if you opt for an iPhone 3G 8GB model then you can have it for free at £30/month for 24 months.

As well as offering iPhone on contract there will be pay as you go options too seeing the phone sell for £333 if you purchase a £50 top-up at the same time (this is for the iPhone 3G model). When purchasing a PAYG iPhone you also get 250MB of data free each month.

Pay Monthly iPhone 8GB, 16GB and 32GB models will be available on multiple monthly plans, with the 3GS free on all £45 plans and the 3G model free from £30 plans (both with a 24-month contract). For those looking for full all-inclusive packages, a new high end ‘traveller offer with inclusive roaming call and data allowance is available at £125 month. All plans include unlimited** anytime, anywhere UK mobile data usage on Orange’s data network, which has the largest 3G population coverage in the UK. In addition customers will also get free unlimited use of the UK’s largest single public Wi-Fi network, BT Openzone.

Orange are also going to be offering tethering bundles that will begin at an extra £5/month and will allow you to use your iPhone as a 3G modem for when you are on the move.

Orange stores will open at 7am on the 10th of this month. More details along with pricing are to be found over at Orange.

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