Motorola MILESTONE/DROID Headed to Germany

motorola-milestoneMotorola are to send their DROID over to Germany and Italy to be launched on the O2 network (in Germany) as the MILESTONE.

The information was found from a photo of a business guide that provided the prices of the new phone saying it would cost $594.93 before tax and subsidies. The version launched in Germany will be a GSM version and will be launched November 9.

Carriers for the phone include O2 as pictured below and also includes Vodafone mentioned on the official Motorola site along with information saying the phone is also going to Italy and will feature pinch and zoom that isn’t mentioned in the US. So Europe is to get multi-touch which must be frustrating to those in the US who wont get it, but on a downside for Europe it seems that we wont be getting Google Maps Navigation according to Slashgear. Luckily it seems that turn-by-turn might just be not showing up for 3 months which isn’t as bad as not at all.


Via: BGR

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