Toshiba’s Fuel Cell now Available

toshiba-fuel-cellAfter hearing about fuel cell’s being the future for the last few years we actually see that this might just be the case as Toshiba have launched their fuel cell over in Japan. Fuel cells allow instant power by topping up the battery with concentrated methanol. They are ideal for items such as laptops where you could simply top them up with fuel and work away without the need to recharge or plug in.

The new Toshiba fuel cell called the Toshiba Dynario acts as a battery charger with 50mL being capable of charging your mobile phone or other USB connected devices a couple of times before needing to be refilled. If you travel a lot then this type of charger could be handy.

Only 3000 Dynario units have been built for sale over in Japan as currently Toshiba are testing the waters to see what reception is like and if they prove to be popular then they’ll look at building more of these and other units.

Available now over at Shop1048 costing $328 you’ll also have the option of buying 5 refill cartridges for $34. Although a little overpriced and perhaps I would prefer a fuel cell that fits in my phone or laptop rather than an external charger, I do hope that the initial units sell well as it would increase the changes of these things being mass produced and the technology advancing further.

Via: OhGizmo

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