Redrock DSLR Camera Rig

If you have purchased an expensive DSLR that is capable of recording HD movies you might want to check out this gadget. Redrock have created a camera rig for DSLR cameras that allows you to capture decent HD movies by eliminating camera shake due to it being easier to hold.

HD cameras that are available on the market now are compatible. This includes the Canon EOS Rebel T1i, Canon EOS 5D Mark II, Nikon D90 or the Panasonic Lumix HG1. Prices for the camera rig start at $195 and as you go up the scale you can attach bigger viewscreens as well as accommodate bigger microphones.

The big advantage of all this? It’s the DSLR’s shallow depth of field and variety of lens choices, giving you film-look footage that just a few years ago was only available on high-end film cameras costing tens of thousands of dollars. And that price was before you started buying film and its associated processing, which is pretty much like piling up a stack of hundred dollar bills and burning them.

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  1. This is way too cool for me. I have always wanted to buy one of these high end DSLR’s, but wanted more badly the 3CCD or Hi-Def prosumer cameras, and couldn’t get both. Now, I can get the DLSR, ans this rig, and be WAY under the cost I would have paid for the prosumer HD video camera, not including the steady-cam I’d have to build or buy.

    BUT… I need to see some video shot with any of the high-end DSLR’s to see if I can make my short films with it, or if it will be sub-par. I’m not looking for strict quality standards, but am looking for full screen ‘clear image’ video capabilities with no pixelization. Anyone know where I can see some video footage shot with these cameras online somewhere? Even without the steady-ing rig?

  2. DSLR Camera Man says

    I wonder if DSLR nowadays are trying to substitute Video Cam.. Hmmm

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