Viliv S5 Premium

The Viliv S5 Premium is a MID/UMPC which will be released this year. It runs an Atom based processor and also has 60GB of storage. The screen measures 4.8 inches and is a haptic touchscreen with a nice resolution of 1024 x 600 pixels.

Connectivity wise it has Wi-fi, Bluetooth and for tracking a GPS unit is built in too. It weighs less then 1lb and will cost $599 when launched. It runs the Windows XP operating system which makes the interface familiar and easy to use as you can install anything on it for browsing the web. HD video playback is also on offer in this device.

The Intel Atom processor runs at 1.33Ghz which isn’t the fastest Atom available, but as it’s main use is internet browsing and media playback it should handle it quite well. It has 1GB of DDR2 memory built in also. Wi-fi connects at 802.11b/g speeds and Bluetooth is 2.0+EDR compliant. Check out the video below for a hands on look at how it runs.

Overall a very nice looking device. Check the full hands on review over at Pocketables.

Via: SlashGear


  1. Screen Sleuth says

    Very slick, for its size and specs, it should replace laptops for some uses.

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