Brand New Sega Dreamcast for Sale – Huh?

If you never got the chance to buy a Dreamcast 10 years ago when they were first launched then for a limited time you might be able to get your hands on one from the guys over at ThinkGeek.

The Dreamcasts are brand new and come complete with box, one controller, power cable, AV cable, phone cable (remember it had a modem for online gaming) and web browser disk. The package costs $99.

To get it all working you need to have an NTSC TV. Also it only plays US games, so if you have a collection of other country games then you’ll need to find your own boot/hack disk to play them.

Check it out over at ThinkGeek.

Via: Geeky-Gadgets


  1. Screen Sleuth says

    $99 for an old defunct system? I’ll pass thanks.

  2. dimitris_papadopoulos says

    yo men,i am from greece and i am interested in buying these console,i find the price very good,can you tell me how much will be the shipping?i dont expect more than 8 dollars,do you have an e mail or a to communicate about the way of doing the buy?dont worry about the europe (PAL) region that i belong,i am pretty sure that the modern tvs support ntsc easily men…and for the games no need do be worried know boot discs plays EVERYTHING,so i am waiting news from you…to buy from you my brand new untouchable DREAMCAST!

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