Asus Eee PC 1008HA

asus-eee-pc-1008haAsus are on a roll with their range of Eee PC netbooks. The latest to be made available is the Asus Eee PC 1008HA which will have a 10 inch screen, measure just 1 inch thick and weigh 2.4 pounds.

It will have 802.11n WiFi allowing high speed internet access for when you are in a wireless hotspot. Bluetooth is included although it’s unclear just yet (due to lack of specs) what version. We assume the usual V2. 3G and WiMax are built in to the 1008HA putting it firmly along side the Dell Mini 9 which also has built in 3G capabilities. No details on the processor, memory or other details have been released just yet.

The main things to look out for on this netbook are battery life (normally good on the Eee’s), processor power, RAM and operating system. If those can weigh in at a decent size then the 1008HA should be another hit.

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Via: Geeky-Gadgets

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