Super Bright LED Flashlight

led-flashlightA new LED flashlight has been created that is rated at 742 Lumens which makes it probably the most powerful LED torch in the world. 742 lumens is approaching LCD projectors in the brightness department. In one statement by the creators they say it’s the Worlds brightest single LED flashlight”.

The LED flashlight is named the Legion II and it features a single-finger switch for turning the thing on and off as well as being able to dim the torch should it be too bright for what you need. Two versions of the flashlight are available with one being very limited edition costing $295 (only a first batch of 30 have been built). The cheaper model costs $179 which is made from aluminium. The torch needs 3 lithium ion cells to power it.

It appears that 14 of these bad boys have already been sold, so if you want one then check out CPFMarketPlace and get your name on the list.

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  1. Bill Krahmer says

    It looks like this flashlight uses the Cree MC-E emitter, which is basically 4 XR-Es compacted together. Very bright indeed. The good news is that you can buy flashlights with this technology, for under $50.00 – from places such as – which ships form Hong Kong.

  2. I bought a Husky LED 1W for $4.21 at H. Depot, they were $22 bucks. Its a great light, uses 2C batts. I learned as a night worker in Maint. u always carry at least one light or more. Ive been in quakes, outages, and fires and NEVER will I go anywhere without a light on me.
    I suggest buying an LED light, they go days on a set of batts, esp rech. ones. I carry a set of batts with me. Cree is a good buy, U dont need a spendy light.

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