Sony DSC-HX1 Super Zoom Launched

sony-dsc-hx1Over at PMA, Sony have launched their DSC-HX1 which is a superzoom hybrid camera. Large zoom’s on these types of mid range cameras are becoming more popular. This particular one is capable of 20x optical which is not bad at all.

All the usual features and functions can be found in this camera such as smile detection and blink detection. Intelligent software is also included which see’s the camera moving in to the “Intelligent Auto” mode which allows the HX1 to know what it’s taking a picture of and automatically change the exposure and other modes automatically to get the best picture. That will be an interesting feature to check out. Another interesting feature allows the camera to take 2 pictures in quick succession and then software chooses the picture which has the “least closed” eyes on it. Not a bad idea although it would be interesting to see it put in to practice. Panorama mode is something else that caught my attention. The camera takes high speed pictures of the landscape and can stich them together to make 1 wide picture. All this is done in-camera too making photo editors not needed.

A bit more on the techy side we see it has a 1/2.4 inch CMOS sensor named the Exmor. It is capable of capturing 9.1 megapixels which is not the highest, although in this range you can still capture some amazing images. The Exmor is the latest sensor to be used which has an aim of getting lower noise in to pictures in low light situations. Similar technology is used in some of Nikons cameras, specifically the D3 and D700.

Finally the camera comes equipped with a G lens. G rated lenses are among Sony’s best line up. Not only a fantastic lens, but the camera is also capable of capturing video at 1080p all for a price tag of $500. Impressive stuff and surely another good camera to help Sony in to this market.

Via: Wired and DPReview

Available soon at Amazon.

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