PenandMouse – LED Light, Mouse and Note Taker

penandmouseThe PenandMouse comes from Korea and was created by ISV. Supplied with the pen is a 2.4GHz wireless dongle and a mouse pad which allows it to communicate with your PC for up to 10 hours of non stop use with 10 days of standby. The pen has a number of functions which allow it to act as a 3 button mouse (with scroll wheel), a standalone memo taker which will store in it’s memory the things you write which can then be transferred to your PC at a later date. The pen is fairly small in size and not much bigger then an average pen which makes it useful to travel with when using your laptop.The LED lamp built in allows the mouse pen to be used in dark places while keeping your work illuminated. Another handy feature is the presentation pointer that is built in. All around it appears to be a very handy little device and it will be interesting to see how easy the switch back to a pen shaped mouse is.


Product Page Via: RedFerret


  1. I think this is a great idea for when you are travelling, anyone know when they are coming to the UK?

  2. I am not sure. It would be cool to see them over here in the UK. Lets hope one of our Korean readers picks these comments up and translates the site for us. Maybe they will ship over here.

  3. trident direct says

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  4. I have the Neo, like the one shown about. It works well and surprisingly good on photoshop. This version is so much more ergonomical than the previous version. The slimline design works well, and you even get a laser pointer. Down side is the feeble construction, it does not seem to be rugged, but i suppose that it is okay for home use. A more robust type needs to be produced for the industrial market, ie, graphic designers, commercial users. I do believe that a newer version is to be released here in Seoul soon.

    Mark P Naidoo (South Africa)
    Seoul, S Korea

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