Pedalite Pedals

Using your bike on a busy road at night can be lethal if you are not brightly lit up. Drivers just do not always notice a cyclist and that can be fatal. The Pedalite Pedals aim to increase your bike’s visibility by lighting up the edge of your pedals. A nice feature about the Pedalite pedals is that they use kinetic energy to light up the bright LED’s which can stay lit for up to 5 minutes after you stop pedalling. When you pedal away the energy created is sufficient to keep them lit meaning no batteries are needed, ever. Three of these LED’s are built in to the pedal with one at the back, one on the front and one on the outer side.



* A set of two 360° visibility bicycle pedals.
* Orange, red and white lights flash from the front back and sides of the pedals.
* The lights are battery-free, powered only by kinetic energy as you cycle.
* The Pedalites store a small charge as you cycle so the lights continue to flash for up to 5 minutes when you have stopped pedalling.
* The lights are visible from 1km away.
* The Pedalites themselves are durable and non-slip.
* Each Pedalite has 2 rows of supergrip studs for safe pedalling.
* The Pedalites screw-in in replacement of your bike’s existing pedals.
* Requires a spanner and screwdriver for application (not included).
* Suitable for ages 8 years+ (an adult must attach the Pedalites to the bike).
* Size: 12 x 9.5 x 3cm (per pedal).

The Pedalite Pedals cost £34.99 and are a must for those wanting to avoid a potential accident at night.

Via: Coolest-Gadgets

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