Interesting Cube Clock

For just a few minutes a day this clock is shaped just like a cube. However, as time moves onwards it starts to change shape as the various sections rotate around an axis. When it gets around to 12 again the clock is cube shaped.

The largest triangle is for displaying hours while the medium is for minutes and the small triangle on the edge represents seconds. The cube clock costs just shy of $12 from Chinavasion.



Product Page Via: Technabob


  1. delicious

  2. FAKE!!!!

    This is an obvious photoshop job. You can tell its a fake because the shadows are all wrong.

    This is just like the transforming garage Max used to seduce Baja in the movie Never Back Down when he drugged her with bacon flavored ice cream & the garage began to change shapes.

  3. ryan frantz says

    i got one of these for Christmas, and they are so cheaply made. the second hand wobbles and keeps it from getting past the minute hand . . . . thus, it doesn’t keep time b/c it gets stalled up. it’s a POS.

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