Bluetooth Bone Conducting Headset

Sound Leaf is a wireless (BlueTooth) bone conducting headset which shakes the voice message out through your bones. It costs $115 and is bone conducting so that it does not require it to be attached to your ear. It runs on two AAA batteries which power the device for about 15 hours. It weighs just 45g which isn’t too heavy at all.

You may be asking why you need a bone conducting BlueTooth headset. Well, luckily there are a number of good reasons for this 🙂 Just a quick run-down first on how bone conduction works. When the device is pressed against your temple and cheek it vibrates the cranium by an electromechanical transducer (converts electrical signals in to vibrations). This vibrates against the cranium in which the internal ear picks up the noise. This allows you to still hear the voice in loud environments such as a building site. With the bone conductor not needing your actual ear to play the noise to it allows hearing protection to be worn.

More details of the Sound Leaf Wireless can be found here and here.

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