VertiPod flying Platform

A one person flying platform has been developed. It is called the VertiPod and falls in to the category of an ultra light aircraft. The VertiPod is powered by propeller and works a bit like a segway in that you lean and it goes in that direction. The propeller is found underneath the platform which takes the platform up to 15 feet in the air. Power is generated by a 440 cc engine which is activated with a pull start mechanism. No details of how much flying time there is have been released. However, it can propel you at 40 MPH which is a lot quicker then rush hour traffic.

It costs $10000 with more details available over at Wired.


  1. Steven Doyle says

    So, does this device incorporate any inherent advance over the Hiller Flying Platform of half a century ago? Perhaps some kind of computer-controlled automatic balancing?

    With a 15-foot ceiling, maybe it should be classified as a GEM rather than an aircraft.

  2. From what I can tell, no difference at all. The VertiPod uses a system where you lean in the direction you want to go much like a Segway, but the Hiller also uses this type of system. I would guess the VertiPod is a little more advanced in that arena due to modern electronics. The Hiller seems to have just over double the ceiling.

  3. hello, Did you make a kit Ultra Light Flying Platform a few years ago../ i have some pictures of a man from israel who was getting ready to sell them, i wanted one but then stopped as the insurance problems could be bad.
    This with a max of 15 feet is better and more people would try it
    Please send me more info, as i would like to help market and promot it
    Alex kattas [email protected]

  4. Thomas Barnes says

    Always wanted to build a personal helicopter or platform . Once I got all my prices together for parts and so on it was too much but if I could build something like the one that you have for about the same price I would do it in a heart beet .Nice job!

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