USB Roll Up Piano

Recently I have been seeing more and more USB devices such as Christmas trees, fans and now there is the USB Roll Up Piano. Who knows if this is new or not? It’s new to me, so I will report it still. The older roll up piano has been out a year or so now. The newer version is a smaller USB version which connects direct in to your PC.

The piano can be found on the Argos website and sells for £24.99.

Via: Argos


  1. Is this like the other roll-up pianos? I heard that they can give someone a shock while playing.

    I also heard that their not much good for making music. Maybe this one will be better. Sure hope so, as I would like to try one.

  2. To be honest I am not sure. I cannot imagine it being a piano that a professional would want to use professionally. I guess it’s more of a learning type for users who want to have a quick play of a piano on the go. Not sure about the shock as URB only has a few V’s going through it. Maybe a tingle though.

  3. forget it. Just received mine in the mail. this doesn’t even qualify as a good toy. software works poorly. Not a musical instrument. Plastic poorly made. Fails on almost every count. No one would want to use this. Caveat emptor.

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