Sony Reader eBook PRS-350 and PRS-650 Rumoured

Two new Sony Reader eBook devices could be launched soon if this rumour is to be believed. The two new models include the Sony PRS-350 and the PRS-650 which fall in line with the time of year that Sony updates it’s line of eBook readers.

Sony has a lot more competition at the moment with the launch of the new Amazon Kindle 3 with a very low price tag, and of course the Apple iPad with iBooks installed. Others who are gaining a strong presence include the Nook from Barnes & Noble as well as the Ectaco to name a few.

What we can expect to see from the Sony Reader eBooks is thinner devices, perhaps under 10mm in thickness as well as faster page turns and an improved contrast for better reading.

Sony Insider reports that the Sony PRS-650 will get a six inch screen while the PRS-350 will be slightly smaller at 5 inches.

Capacity is also said to increase from 512MB to 2GB. It isn’t clear which of the two models will get the memory bump, but perhaps both will.

Another interesting note is that the PRS-650 could get wireless and 3G connectivity. It is currently believed that the PRS-350 will not get any connectivity in terms of wireless or 3G.

The UI is believed to be upgraded to include a new home interface as well as some note taking software that will be included.

Of course we don’t have the official details on things yet, but none of this is really too far out of the question, so we are inclined to believe it is correct.

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