New Nook 3G Model Appears on FCC Website

The FCC website was recently updated with new details about a Nook 3G (new model). No other details are provided on the FCC site other than that it has a new 3G chipset inside.

The model number of the new Nook 3G is BNRZ100-01 and appears to be a minor update that has the old 3G model removed and a newer improved model added. The new card to be found inside is the Sierra Wireless MC8201V locked in to data mode only. It supports the 850 and 1900 bands.

Previously the model had triband UMTS/HSPA which added the 2100MHz support… but this has been removed which potentially indicates it’s a slight step backwards and used to save on manufacturing costs.

Wireless b/g is still included allowing users to connect up to local networks and wireless hotspots.

Via: Best eReaders

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