Levitron Levitates Anything in Your Home – Within Reason

Levitation is one of those mysterious things that is somehow quite cool to see. It’s always fascinating to see floating globes and other various objects that you can buy from your local gadget shop that are designed to levitate. However, you are restricted to just a handful of items and need to buy a new product each time you want to float something new. Levitron aims to get rid of that need by allowing you to levitate any small object from your home.

Levitron Revolution is capable of floating any object in (or out of) your home that weighs less then 4 ounces. It comes with a small platform shaped like a bowl in which you sit your object on. You then align the bowl up with the magnetic platform and away it levitates.

It is expected that the Levitron Revolution will be available sometime this year at an estimated cost of $50 – $100.

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