USB Mix Tapes

USB Mix Tape
Many of you will remember the good old cassette tape. It allowed many people to create their own little mixes of either 60 or 90 minutes to play in their walkman or in a car. The USB Mix Tape is a mixture of the old fashioned cassette with it’s paper cover but inside it sports a small USB flash drive which contains your music. The USB flash drive inside can store 64MB of music on to it. To record on to it, stick the USB flash drive in to your PC, drag and drop all your tunes on to it, and then put the flash memory back in to it’s case. You can even write all your track listings on to the paper insert to remind you of the early 90’s.

USB Mix Tape Collection

USB Mix Tape Open

The USB Mix Tape costs £19.95 and there are 6 different styles to choose from (or collect).

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  1. Is this a joke? 64 mb?

    You can get a 1 gb stick for 10 dollars on newegg

    That must be a high quality sticker.

  2. A high quality sticker AND a high quality box, Alex, learn to look at pictures lol

  3. It’s all about the box and pictures. The memory is just something they threw in 🙂

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