Pop-up Outlet Hides Under the Kitchen Countertop

Plug sockets are common place in your average kitchen on this side of the world. The device pictured below is designed to hide the sockets below a kitchen (or other type of surface) so that you can only have them on show when you actually need them.


I have seen the idea before and quite like it. The pop-up outlet has a rubber seal around the top part so that when pushed down in to the surface, it creates a protective barrier preventing spills from falling down towards the outlets/sockets.

As well as providing power, this particular model also has networking built in allow you to connect up a laptop if you don’t have/want wireless nearby.

Lifting the device out of the work surface requires you grab a couple of handles and lift until it clicks in to place. Lowering just requires you push the red button near the base, at which point it can be pushed back in to place.

Price wise, it costs $150 and is available from TheFancy.

Via: Craziest Gadgets

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