5 Exclusive Kinect Games By Japanese Developers

As with all new consoles or peripherals, they tend to triumph or fall by the wayside depending on the games that are available for them. It was the same with the original Xbox on release day and it was true for the Playstation 3 as well. This is all the more true for Microsoft’s Kinect. Unfortunately, at E3 earlier this year, our confidence wasn’t garnered with plenty of new games to satisfy our hunger for new games that would make Kinect that must have peripheral. But more recently it was announced at TGS that 5 new and exclusive Kinect titles will be released which actually show plenty of promise.

Below you’ll find details of the games to be released, though some details may be sparse, you’ll gain a better impression of what to look out for.

Firstly we have Haunt. Haunt is a survival horror game and apart from that, not much more information to give on this other than the fact it comes from the same developers that brought us Parappa the Rapper – NanaOn-Sha and Masaya Matsuura.

Next up is Rise of Nightmares, brought to us by Sega which is bringing some more survival horror action. As you’d expect with survival horror games, there’s ample undead and dark and creepy areas to explore.

Third up is Project Draco – Only a short trailer was available for this which showed a variety of different creatures. It looks to be some kind of dragon riding game but yet again only very little is known about this.

Steel Battalion Heavy Armor – A title from Capcom this time and a more greatly anticipated than the others mentioned so far and if you remember the original version of Steel Batallion then you can expect similar gameplay, other than the fact that you have no controllers this time round. How this will work is a big question which is yet to be answered.

Last but not least – Codename D. Much like the previous games, we only had a short teaser trailer to go by, but because its brought to us by the same developers that gave us Killer 7 and No More Heroes we’ve become more excited by this than the others shown.

Though we’ve seen some games that have certainly wet our taste buds we can’t help but feel somewhat disheartened that they will not be coming out on release day with Kinect. Which begs the question, will the anticipation of games yet to come be enticing enough to fork out for Microsoft’s next big thing??

Via: Engadget


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