Papershow Interactive Paper

Papershow is a presentation system that uses a unique notebook of paper, a pen and a USB stick to function. The pen and USB stick pair up via Bluetooth which allows you to use the unique papershow paper. You simply scribble on to the pad of paper and what is scribbled on the paper is immediately shown on screen.

papershow-paperThe paper used has a menu system down the right which allows you to change colour, change the style of pen and flip between different notes taken. Also, powerpoint integration is included which allows you to print your powerpoint slides on to the papershow paper and when you are working through your presentation you can scribble on the printed slides to modify the presentation in real time. The system ads a unique level of integration to PowerPoint presentations that tend to be very similar where ever you go.

The system works great and is responsive too. The included USB Key is home to all the needed software which allows you to plug it in to any laptop and get working away. Presentations are also stored in the keys memory which makes the system easily transportable.

More details can be found over at Papershow.

The PaperShow product is available now over at Amazon.

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