Exposure Lights – 960 Lumen Spot Lights

Exposure Lights are bright and rugged lights that are handy for attaching to bikes. They are light weight, weather proof and extremely bright.

The top of the line exposure light has a hefty 960 lumen rating making it very bright. This model is the MaXx-D and it is fully weather proof thanks to an O-Ring seal. It has 4 integrated collimated dual beam optics, hardwired batteries, Li-ion batteries, smart recharging, light mode indicator as well as a fuel gauge for battery life. An impressive light and ideal for those who want to light the way while riding at night. A remote switch can be purchased separately that attaches to the bars on your bike making activation a little easier.

Other models include the Exposure Enduro maXx 2 and the Exposure Race maXx 2 and finally on to the Exposure Joystick maXx 2. The Enduro has a 720 lumens brightness while the Race drops to 480 lumens and the Joystick is the lowest rated at 240 lumens which is still rather bright.

For more details check out ExposureLights.

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