Choosing the right LED Belt Buckle

led belt buckle
According to, the LED belt buckle is the hottest thing in that industry right now. To be honest, I never realised that LED belt buckles were all the rage. Ive never seen one in real life. Anyway, choosing one needs a lot of care and attention so that you get exactly what you need. Belt-buckles came up with a list of things to look out for.

* The ability to store multiple messages
* The length of the message in characters (good ones allow up to 256 characters or more)
* The number of speed levels (speed your message displays)
* The number of brightness levels
* An accessible ON/OFF button
* Is is easily programmable and can you switch between messages easily
* There should be an instruction manual
* Batteries should be included


  1. luke alderton says

    these belts are OFF THE HOOK!

    Thumbs up Gangsters!

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