UXV Combatant Unmanned Drone Warship

UXV Combatant Drone Warship
This is the UXV Combatant warship that is being developed by BAE systems. The future according to BAE will be filled with AI and robots which will fight against each other. It sounds rather terminatorish to me. It expected that this ship will go in to service after 2020 which isnt that far away to be honest. It is 8000 tonnes and will have a whole host of features such as a below deck hangar, smart munitions and twin flight decks to name a few.

Full integrated electrical propulsion with twin propeller shafts/motors supplied by gas turbine and diesel alternators. Alternatively, cruising power can be supplied by two shafts/motors and diesel alternators with boost power from one gas turbine driving two water jets.

Completly crazy 🙂

Via: Gizmodo

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