Sony CyberShot with 3G Connection Rumored

We received info today hinting that Sony could be looking at introducing 3G connectivity in to a new CyberShot camera. In doing so, it would allow the camera to be cloud based so to speak. The 3G enabled CyberShot digital camera would work in a similar way to how a camera with an Eye-fi card works in that pictures are captured and then transmitted to an online storage area such as Flickr or an FTP account. By bundling in a 3G connection in the camera, it bypassed the need to be in a WiFi enabled area and thus, becomes a lot more convenient.

We also hear that the 3G connection could be free to use, much like the Amazon Kindle uses for downloading books. For those who are light users, they wouldn’t need to pay, but for those who are pro users, a small charge maybe required.

What isn’t clear at this point is where the images will be uploaded to. If the service is free, perhaps Sony will force images on to their servers for advertising purposes. If not, Flickr, Facebook and many other online services could be utilised.

Although the average smartphone has a camera and internet connectivity, the main problem with smartphone cameras is the small lens. Regular point and shoot cameras can take far better pictures. Mixing this with 3G and free uploads adds a nice touch to the camera.

Expect to hear more over the coming weeks about this one. PS.. the picture above is a regular CyberShot for illustration purposes only.

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