The Hobbit To Be Shot with 30 RED Epic Cameras

The Hobbit is about to start filming. We learn today that Peter Jackson has chosen to use 30 EPIC Digital Cameras from the RED Digital Cinema company.

The EPIC has a 5K resolution and is capable of capturing up to 120 frames per second. A HDRx mode is included that gives the highest dynamic range of any cinema camera ever made.

The Hobbit will be captured in 3D and will begin filming early next year in New Zealand.

In a recent visit to New Zealand, Peter Jackson tested the EPIC cameras with his team…

“Everybody at RED is incredibly proud that Peter has chosen the Epic” says Jannard, “The Hobbit is a major production, and could have chosen any camera system that they wanted. The fact that they went with us is extremely gratifying.”

Via: Reduser

Via: CrunchGear

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