Apple Releases the iOS 5 Beta 7 OTA Update to Developers

Apple has rolled out its next beta version of iOS 5. This new version is Beta 7 is mainly a bug fix with it being this late on in the release schedule. There are a few new tweaks though such as the ability to set WiFi settings for iTunes sync which means you can now select which Mac you want your iOS 5 device to sync to if you have several options.

The download is 70.9MB and requires that your battery level is sufficient before it will allow you to install. It also requires a WiFi connection to download.

Before you go ahead and install it though, we’ve read some reports of people having issues with this install. It isn’t clear at the moment if this is related to iOS devices that have been jailbroken or if it’s a general problem.

You can grab the download now via the dev center or via the update menu in the General Settings menu on your iOS device.

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