TomTom for iPad Announced

TomTom for iPad has been announced at IFA this year. The new app will offer the same functions as the iPhone version but will be designed for the large screen. Although the app will be essentially the same as the iPhone version it will feature sharper graphics as well as controls that are mapped out better for a larger screen device.

Rather than having to buy two separate apps, TomTom is making a single version that functions on both the iPhone and the iPad which means that those who have already purchased the iPhone version will soon be able to update to get the iPad version free of charge.

“We have listened to our customers,” says Corinne Vigreux, managing director at TomTom. “In response to strong customer demand, we have optimised our TomTom App for the iPad. Now customers have one App for all iOS devices.”

With only the iPad 3G models having GPS built in, this could mean that TomTom users on a WiFi device might not get the service they need although we have seen tethering devices together (iPad/iPhone) does pass the GPS details on to the iPad which might be a work around for this.

We don’t know the release date just yet but expect to hear within the next few weeks. As for a cradle to hold the iPad, we’re not so sure a standard cradle that attaches to a windscreen would be capable of holding the iPad up.


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