3D Storage Standard for Blu-ray Proposed

bluray_discPanasonic has proposed that a new standard of storage to Blu-ray media is created. This new proposal, if accepted, will have all images stored on a blu-ray disk filed in a two-channel mode (left eye and right eye). This is proposed for all HD content. The new HDMI standard will make it easier to transfer the 3D images to compatible TVs.

bluray_and_3dThis new standard will help prevent patent conflicts that may arise should two standards come in to play. If there is just one standard then this should allow exponential growth over the years to come rather then a conflict of compatibility issues that will arise should different 3D content be stored by different manufacturers.

Current 3D image encoding uses a two-channel function and that’s where Panasonic believes it should stay. The easier the new 3D-enabled TVs can identify image data, equipment and other elements through this standard, the easier it will be to sell the technology to consumers.

If approved we could start seeing Panasonics version of 3D in around 2 years used as a standard.

Via: Wired

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