NetGear Digital Entertainer Elite Network

netgearThe NetGear Digital Entertainer Elite Network is a device that is capable of decoding many types of HD type files. Recently it has been spotted at the FCC which means it could be launching very soon.

The device supports an internal hard drive that is SATA compatible (3.5″ in size). A wi-fi module can be found on the device as well as USB ports, a HDMI port, SCART, S-Video, RCA Audio, Component video, Optical audio and co-ax. It is capable of decoding formats such as XviD, AVI, DivX or H.264. With all these options available in one unit you will be able to own a very versatile device capable of pretty much connecting anything to anything and successfully playing it. By using either the built in wi-fi connection or a wired ethernet port you are also able to hook up your PC to send media too and from the device.

Unfortunately no other details are available yet, but keep checking out soon for more details.

Via: SlashGear

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