Snowball Blaster

snowball-launcherIn the snowy season you need to get one of these snowball blasters if you fancy your chances at a snowball fight. The Snowball Blaster allows you to pack snow in to it’s chambers and fire the snowballs out at high speed.

The Snowball Blaster fires them out at such a speed that it’s easy to hit someone standing 50 feet away. The launch is rapid and as the blaster compacts the snow in to spherical shapes the accuracy is also good too.

It works by you cramming snow in to the forming chamber. Once the snow is in there you shut the lid, making the spherical snow balls. Three snowballs can be packed in and when you are ready to fire you take a snowball out, put it in the muzzle, pull back the elastic and pull the trigger. No batteries needed. The Snowball Blaster costs $29.95 at Hammacher.

Product Page Via: UberReview


  1. takes to long for only 3 @ a time

  2. *too

  3. stupid toy. don’t waist your money. You can not shoot a snowball with your other two in the top snow press thing just flopping out. reload time is way too long.

  4. Hey, Tom- You ever think of making a snowball pile with the triple ball maker before starting to shoot them. Ammo first, then drop and pop. FUN FOR ALL!!!!!

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