The Green Car powered by Hydrogen

Hydrogen Generating Car
Making use of an on-board reversible Polymer Electrolyte Membrane (PEM for short) fuel cell, we have a car which is powered by distilled water. To get the car moving it requires energy from the sun which is converted to electricity by using solar panels. This electrical charge mixed with distilled water performs a 10 minute electrolytic process. Oxygen and Hydrogen are extracted from the water and then the hydrogen slowly fed in to the PEM which fires up the car and it’s blue LED lights.

A feature of this car as well as it’s fancy fuel cells is the ability for it to find a clear path when driving. If it detects an object it will stop, scan around and find the best way onwards.

It is unclear how much driving time one fuel cell charge will give you. However, a handy addition to it’s specification is it’s ability to use regular batteries should the sun not be shining. It certainly will provide entertainment to any big kid.

The Hydrogen Powered Car is available at Hammacher and costs $99.95.

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