HP Slate gets Hands-On time

We haven’t seen too much of the HP Slate other than a quick unveiling at CES, some information regarding the technical specs and pricing and finally a promo video showing off what it can do.

Conecti.ca managed to get some hands-on time with the HP Slate to see what it’s all about and in their words, if it could be an iPad killer.

Their mini review indicates that the HP Slate should actually be compared to a netbook as it essentially runs Windows 7, takes time to boot up, requires you login with a username and password and acts just like a netbook without a keyboard.

We also hear that flash can be annoying and slow on the Slate which is bad news. Hopefully they can fix that before launch. Unfortunately from what we see in pictures the Slate looks quite chunky too with quite a lot of depth and a strange angled back that takes the sleekness away in my opinion.

On the good side of things it has cameras, lots of connectivity and expansion capabilities.

Basically it’s as Conecti.ca say though… a competition to netbooks. [Engadget]

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