HP Slate to be Priced Cheaper than the Apple iPad

Apple [AAPL] announced the iPad a few weeks back with a very surprising price tag of $499 for the low end model. This was half the price of the expected $1,000 that was rumoured and was a welcomed price tag.

From what we hear now, it seems like HP are looking at undercutting that price when the HP Slate is officially launched. It is unclear now which iPad price they are going to beat as the WSJ article does say they are undercutting the iPad 3G price, but either way it seems there will be some what of a price battle between the two with HP trying to tempt Tablet users their way.

We find that in general, Apple prices tend to be higher than devices running Windows as users generally pay a premium for their hardware, so it wouldn’t surprise us if the Tablet was to weigh in cheaper.

Although these are just rumours at the moment, hopefully we will hear more information about this soon more closer to the official launch date.

Via: I4U

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