Google Chrome OS Tablet being built by HTC

Tablets are getting a lot of mention these last months with mentions of the JooJoo and the Apple iSlate recently. Of course Google can’t be left behind in all the fun and information has now leaked saying that both Google and HTC are working together (for the last 18 months) on a Google Chrome OS tablet device.

The source actually mentions that Google have collaborated with HTC on a few test models with one of them running Chrome OS and perhaps the others running Android.

The possibility of HTC and Google working together isn’t new as we know the Google Nexus One is also built by HTC and has some impressive hardware running a newer version of Android 2.1 along with a 1GHz snapdragon processor.

Comparing devices at this point is difficult though when you look at a Chrome OS tablet vs an Apple iSlate as we don’t know much about the iSlate yet… if it exists at all. Information does indicate the iSlate will be more than an eBook reader and more than a media device. Other reports rumours show that the iSlate will be used for a number of applications and will be an engaging device that allows you to get all information you need on the one device from watching media to streaming TV on to music and reading in a multi-touch magazine format. As mentioned though, it’s all just speculation at the moment until a possible announcement is made at the end of the month.

Back on to the Google Chrome OS tablet device, we suspect that it will be more inline with what the JooJoo is and does as we have already seen Chrome OS functioning and understand a lot more of what it does. That’s not to say it wont do a lot more when released.

It’s great hearing these rumours though as 2010 is already going to be very interesting for tablets and mobile phones due to Apple and Google making a big push on these devices.

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  1. Apple Tablet says

    I’ll stick with the Apple tablet when it comes out. I’d even go with the Microsoft Courier before I support google.

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