Apple iSlate Tablet – More Rumours

Although nothing official has been announced about the Apple Tablet (to probably be called the iSlate), there are still a number of rumours floating around which still suggest it will be announced this month. The latest information says that the engineers and companies working on the project have all dropped off the map in the same way the same companies did back in early 2007 when the first iPhone was being prepared for launch.

The drop off the map is described by Josh Gruber as a “cone of silence” and sees Apple going in to meetings with potential partners with no prototype or presentation where potential partners are asked if they were interested “if they were to create a new platform”.

It is still unknown what the Apple iSlate will be in that it might be a Kindle style eBook reader or a large media player and web browser. Gruber suggests will be all those and more. The device is certainly something to look out for in the next few weeks if rumours of an end of month announcement about the iSlate being true.

Via: SlashGear and DaringFireball

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