Fusion Garage JooJoo Revealed

joojooWe spoke about the CrunchPad last week and about what had happened between TechCrunch and Fusion Garage and their breakup so to speak. At that time we only had one side of the story from TechCrunch. Fusion Garage have now spoken regarding the issues and basically said that no contract was in place. Engadget have a run down of the webcast that was given by Fusion Garage and go in to some of the details although I guess we’ll never really know what happened.

The JooJoo (formally known as CrunchPad) was revealed briefly showing a tablet style device with a touchscreen that boots direct in to a browser in about 9 seconds.

The JooJoo has a 12.1 inch capacitive touchscreen and no physical buttons except for the on/off switch. When launched the JooJoo will cost $499 which is quite far away from the couple of hundred dollar device that was first mentioned, but Fusion Garage point out that the iPhone costs $299 while a netbook costs $400 and as this has a larger screen that is also capacitive, it does add to some of the cost.

Performance wise the JooJoo can handle HD video on screen. Storage is provided by a 4GB SSD and the device has accelerometers inside to detect orientation of JooJoo.

When launched the JooJoo will be available here.

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