Rumour: Google Nexus One on AT&T

BGR have posted a rumour/unconfirmed information about the Google Nexus One being made available unlocked on the AT&T network. The AT&T version will be 3G compatible. The person who provided the information to BGR also said that it will be a second unlocked model with T-Mobile still having the unsusidized version although I assume both types of phone will be sold on the Google site as previously mentioned.

Although just a rumour and very unconfirmed at the moment, we only have to wait till the 5th (next week) to see what Google has planned for the phone if that is what the press event is about.

Just a bit of background on the Nexus One see’s that HTC are the one’s who are making the hardware. The N1 runs Android 2.1 and has a 1GHz Snapdragon processor. For connectivity the Nexus One has WiFi and bluetooth and for tracking A-GPS is built in to the phone. The camera is capable of capturing images at 5 megapixels and has an LED flash along with 2x digital zoom.

The phone has 512MB of RAM, 512MB of flash memory and will be supplied with a 4GB microSD card. The microSD card slot can accept up to a 32GB card. Lets hope the Google press event on the 5th of this month does provide all the details of the Nexus One phone.


  1. I hope its comes to At&t wireless. This phone is cool… I like the backgroud, LED. 3D view….

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