Google Android 2.2 Froyo Officially Announced

After a month of rumours and leaks we finally have the details on the latest Android build from Google [GOOG]. Google Android 2.2 is the new version also known as Froyo.

New features include a new JIT compiler that is capable of a 2 to 5x speed boost. A demonstration of a game running, seen above (Lemmings?), was run where Android 2.2 managed to get around 40 frames per second on average with the number never dropping below 30fps. Also a number of new features have been included for those using the device on an enterprise level. Changes to Exchange have been included that improve the experience for those wanting to use Exchange Server on their device. This includes speed performance, auto-discovery and GAL lookup which is handy for those who attach to enterprise servers with huge address lists.

A new backup app has been included that lets you move data from an old to a new device more easily. Google translation services can now be used on the device that let you talk in English to the phone and the phone gives you the selected language back as text on the screen.

Wi-Fi tethering has also been made official with Google performing a demonstration by getting an Apple iPad (wi-fi) version on the internet by tethering the two devices together.

Google say that the browser is now the worlds fastest. A new plugin for Chrome has been included that brings the ability to grab a map on your desktop and send the directions to your phone from the browser.

Flash 10.1 was also introduced that we have already seen demos of before. This worked as expected. Another feature sees apps being moveable to the microSD card to preserve storage space on the Android device. This is both manual and automatic as needed.

Automatic app updating has been included, as previously mentioned, that allows users to click a button on the marketplace to set a particular app to auto update when needed. A handy feature!

For applications that crash, an error reporting system has been introduced with the aim of improving the quality of apps served in the market place.

A web based client has also been introduced that allows you to browse applications on a PC for example and push them to your Android device OTA when you come across something you like.

Overall it’s an impressive update that puts Android in a strong place in terms of what features are offered in the OS. Lets hope the updates are pushed out soon as I am sure many would like to see the performance improvements demonstrated today.

Via: Engadget

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