Android 2.2 Could get Automatic App Updates

Google [GOOG] are expected to launch Android 2.2 sometime in May. For this release there is very little information about the build as Google now takes the stance not to pre-publish what will be included.

What we have here though is what is believed to be a leak that indicates automatic app updates will be included in the next build. What we see in the image above is the Android Market Place with a check box option to allow automatic updates of the specific app being looked at.

Of course, images can be faked quite easily although it seems like quite a legit picture of Android 2.2 running a new Market.

It looks to be a nice feature if it ends up being added to Android 2.2. It will basically check for updates and if there, and the checkbox is checked then the application will be downloaded automatically and your phone software updated as and when needed.

Often times it’s the little things that make or break a use experience and this option will definitely make Android better. It’s overwhelming to have 75+ apps installed and see 34 apps have updates waiting in Android Market. I just shake my head at the status bar, cry a bit inside, admit defeat and go on using my old applications unless I already know something golden rests in one of those new APKs.

Let us know if you want these features in the next Android update. For me, it looks like a good option.

Via: Phandroid

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