Google Android 2.2 gets WiFi Hotspot Tethering

Google [GOOG] is launching Android 2.2 this month from what we understand, but as of yet we only know of a few things that will be included in the new operating system. Normally Google provide a change list, but this changed with 2.2 where nothing has been mentioned yet.

What is confirmed is that Android 2.2 will have full flash support built in. We also hear from rumours that automatic app updates will happen on an app by app basis. We also hear that Android 2.2 runs 450% faster than Android 2.1 in some cases and is ultra fast. All good news!

What we hear next is that Android 2.2 will have USB tethering built in as well as the ability to turn the Android 2.2 phone in to a wireless hotspot. This is something that hasn’t previously been available other than through rooting the device.

Although Android 2.2 will allow USB and WiFi hotspots to be created, it isn’t clear if carriers will allow these services to run and somehow put a block on this kind of activity.

It’s generally good news though and a move in a direction where others tend not to tread such as Apple [AAPL] who have hinted tethering will be available but have yet to deliver.

Android 2.2 or Froyo as it’s also referred to as, is expected to launch in a weeks time around the 20th or 21st May.

Via: TechCrunch

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