Android 2.2 Running on Nexus One with Flash

Ryan Stewart of Adobe has given a demo of flash running on the Nexus One. The Nexus One is running the latest version of Google [GOOG] Android which is version 2.2.

The video demonstration below shows how smooth flash runs in the browser by showing a demonstration of a site running 3D interactive objects along with flash charts found in Google Finance. Each runs flawlessly.

Also in the video demonstration towards the end the new desktop of Android 2.2 can be seen with a few new features not seen before. These new features include a new global search box, new launcher and a built in tutorial system.

The desktop doesn’t seem to be the highlight in the update and although it does bring a few new items to the phone, the real interest is in how flash 10.1 runs on the device. Check out the video below to see it in action.

We also are hearing that the giant Froyo has arrived at the Googleplex as tweeted here.

What we do not know are the exact features to be built in to Android 2.2 as Google has not provided a list this time and probably won’t till the 2.2 build is released. Rumours indicate that automatic app updates could be included. Confirmed features include the Flash 10.1 mentioned here.

Via: Android and Me

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