Ecotek Energy Wizard Will Save you Money

The Ecotek Energy Wizard is a unique device that you simply plug in to a wall socket in the UK. Once plugged in it monitors the electricity supply around your home and can act to adjust any problems it sees.

The type of problem it looks out for is with AC and the voltage peaks and falls which when out of sync, can cause plugged in appliances to require more electricity.

The problem is apparently common as well with the device saving at least 10% on your energy bill by correcting real time the AC issues that arise.

The Ecotek Energy Wizard costs £23.50 and is available from Amazon in the UK. For those out of the UK this device will not work as it needs to be connected to a 3 pin socket that can be found mostly in the UK.

Via: Coolest Gadgets and Envirogadget

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