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Home-made Lego Soap Bricks are amazing

Roots and Wings Co have created a detailed tutorial that gives all the steps you need on how to make your own soap bars that look like bricks of Lego.

The mold that created the bricks was made of urethane and was shaped around actual Lego bricks. By attaching the real Lego bricks to a surface and building up surrounding walls it allows the liquid urethane to be poured and left to set. Once the mold is created it allows for soap to be poured and again left to set creating some colourful Lego soap bricks. [Read more…]

Sega Genesis Controller Soap

Sega-Genesis-Controller-SoapThis Sega Genesis controller is a bar of soap that you have to admit, looks like the real thing. It weighs under 9 ounces and is the latest in line to a bunch of other console controller soaps that have been around on Etsy

The soap is made of natural and vegan products which means no animal products/testing have been used or done. Ingredients are listed below… [Read more…]

Space Invaders Soap

We are seeing a bunch of geeky style soaps recently over from sellers at Etsy. Once again we have another geek style soap made in the shape of space invaders. The Space Invaders Soap measures 1 inch by 1 inch in size and is good for a few washes. They are available in packs of 24 and come in a variety of fragrances. [Read more…]

Wiimote Soap

The Wiimote Soap has now arrived. The soap includes coloured decal raised buttons and is scented with coconut lime verbena. [Read more…]

BBC Launches New Global iPad iPlayer

Earlier this year the BBC announced that its iPlayer service would be launched as an app for those not in the UK. The Global iPlayer app was said to be subscription based due to other countries not paying the UK TV license fee. The new iPlayer app has now been launched.

[Read more…]

Slim Cool Plus Keyboard is Germ Free

If you don’t like the idea of germs living under the keys on a computer keyboard then the Slim Cool Plus Keyboard could be just what you need.

From what the company say, the keyboard has a completely sealed surface that prevents germs and other bacteria from living on the keyboard. As well as being sealed, the keyboard is also waterproof allowing you to easily scrub it down if needed. [Read more…]

Office 2019 Concept

office-2019If you have ever wondered what Microsoft Office will look like in 10 years time (no, I haven’t either), but if you have… then this little presentation could be a glimpse of where Office is heading. I have to say it does look quite cool. [Read more…]

USB Turntable

The ION USB turntable allows you to play your old LP’s from whenever… 60’s, 70’s, 80’s and earlier and plays them direct in to your USB port on your PC allowing you to convert your vinyls in to WAV, MP3 and many other formats.


Available from

usbtur_alt1.jpg usbtur_alt2.jpg

* A super sleek adjustable pitch belt drive turntable.
* The turntable includes: –
* A slipmat
* A counterweight
* A platter (no, not for your dinner)
* A USB cable
* A pre-mounted cartridge with Stylus.
* Includes Audacity software for Mac/PC recording as well as a trial of Bias Soundsoap 2 for cleaning and restoring vinyl.
* Line level RCA outputs to connect up to your stereo
* 33 and 45 RPM Buttons (78’s are played at 33 and then converted by the software).
* Adjustable Anti-Skating control for increased stereo balancing
* High speed vinyl recording
* A CD with Mac/PC Recording Software.
* Full instruction manual.
* Suitable for ages 12 years+.
* Requires a PC running Windows 98, 2000, XP, a MAC running OS9 or higher and a USB port 1.1 or higher.
* The USB Turntable is compatible with any software that supports USB audio input sound cards – simply plug it into a spare USB port – it requires no special drivers for Windows (98,2000,XP) or Mac (OS9 and above).
* Please note that the turntable is not compatible with Macs with Pentium chips.
* Size: – Product weight: 12lbs
* Turntable: 42 x 37 x 14.