Global iPad iPlayer App Will be Less Than $10 Per Month

The BBC will be launching iPlayer internationally for the iPad in the coming months. Due to the content being used abroad, a charge will be made to use the service. It has been announced that the price per month will be less than $10.

At the FT Digital Media & Broadcasting conference held in London, Mark Thompson said that “The greatest month-on-month growth now is not on PCs or cable TVs but on iPads, iPhones, other smartphones and games consoles.”

By allowing the content out of the UK, it also allows the BBC to control how it is packaged. When BBC shows are used on regular TV abroad they often get packaged up differently. By pushing them out via iPlayer it allows them to sell direct to consumers.

Although the iPlayer app service will be launched soon for those in other countries, it isn’t clear when the exact date is.

Via: Guardian

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