3x3x1 Rubiks Floppy Cube

3_3_1_rubiks_cubeThe Rubiks Cube wasn’t too hard to solve as you just needed to open up the box, read the instructions and complete it. Take those instructions away then it became impossible for people like me. For this reason has the 3x3x1 Rubiks Cube (Oblong?) been created.

The 3x3x1 Rubics Cube (which is more like an oblong) is as simple as it gets. It makes for a nice entry level in to the world of Rubiks Puzzles. This Rubiks Floppy Cube (as it’s known as by the designer of it) is not an official toy… it is just a regular Rubiks Cube hacked up by a modder and has the correct connecting piece in the middle to make things rotate around as could be expected.

More Details Via: Coated

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