Windows XP will not be running IE 9

Unfortunately, for those who are still happy with, and continuing to use the Windows XP OS until the end of time, will be getting a nasty shock if they had intended on utilising the latest IE…Regarding the release of Internet Explorer 9, the powers that be have decided against running the new IE on XP as…

“A modern web needs a modern operating system,” and that Microsoft will “continue to focus on how we do a great job with Windows 7.” as quoted by IE’s top executive Ryan Gavin

So, for the literally millions of those wanting to experience the new Internet Explorer but still using Windows XP may have to concede defeat and jump onto the Vista and Windows 7 bandwagon.

With the latest instalment of IE comes with it, more features utilising HTML 5 which, rather regrettably, can only be truly experienced on the newer operating systems.

What say you? Are you an XP user for life? Will you upgrade? Has this news tarnished your vision of the newly anticipated Internet Explorer 9? We look forward to reading your comments

For more information regarding IE 9 beta which has just been released, check our previous post here

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