Internet Explorer 9 Beta Download Now Available

Yesterday, Microsoft [MSFT] launched the Internet Explorer 9 beta download. The beta is compatible on machine running either Windows Vista or Windows 7.

The actual release date of IE9 is not for a few months, but for those who don’t mind a few bugs here and there you can grab a copy now to download. Just be aware that it is beta though, so don’t complain if it breaks.

Features included in the latest IE include HTML5 additions along with other new technology that aims to give the old browser a good speed boost.

The reason that Microsoft is launching the new browser is because IE8 is slow in comparison to the other main rivals which includes Chrome, Firefox and Safari as well as Opera. Without the new technology it just isn’t up to par any more, hence IE9.

Wired has done a review of the beta version, so check it out if you are in two minds about testing it. If you want to go and grab a copy now to install, you can get that by clicking here.

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